Catalog of Our Books

WeWrite Kids! Books have been created within boardrooms, classrooms, a manufacturing plant, and even a bookstore. Children's or teens' creative energies and honesty are ignited to their fullest potential. "From the mouths of babes" comes a fresh look at your products or services.

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By First Bank Community Writers, Springfield, Illinois., Illustrated by Troy Freeman.
Troy wanted to start his own lawn mowing business but had a dream about money going "POOF!" so he asked his Aunt Sala. She had a lemonade stand as a little girl and then started her own bank as a teenager-only for kids.

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#37 Cappy's Crazy Day
By Springfield Capitals Professional Baseball Junior Writers, Springfield, Illinois., Illustrated by Troy Freeman.
The Capitals' mascot, Cappy, splits his pants during the chicken dance and starts a strange series of events. This is sure to charm any future baseball player.

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#36 Whine Out
By Mrs. Kern's 1996-97 Third-grade Class. Pawnee, Illinois Elem. School., Illustrated by Norman E. Calmese.
Justin whined about EVERYTHING---even his dog, Sparky. When Sparky makes some great soccer moves, Justin sees the light.

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#35 The Pit
By Mrs. Gould's 1996-97 Third-grade Class. Rochester, Illinois Elementary School., Illustrated by Troy Freeman.
A soccer game on the beach turns into an encounter with dotted water rattlesnakes that tickled. Join the sharks in this ticklish tale.

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#34 Frozen In A Dream
By Mrs. Light's 1996-97 Fifth-grade LEAP Students. Hannibal, Missouri Public Schools., Illustrated by Troy Freeman.
A cruise on the Titanic spins a little girl and her pet chameleon, Boebob, into a strange ice-land. They landed in an ice dungeon until Boebob ate a chili pepper.