Frequently Asked Questions

How can my company become a sponsor for WeWrite books?
Sponsorship is very easy. Contact us and we can talk. We have a sample Sponsor Form on our website under "Current Projects." We have multiple, flexible levels of sponsorship.
How can I order WeWrite books?
WeWrite accepts checks, money orders, purchase orders and PayPal.
How could I become part of WeWrite’s team?
It's quite easy to become part of our unique team. If you're interested in the vision and want to be a part of this exciting venture, we're interested in talking. We encourage collaboration (as an independent business) on all levels: Book-writing Workshop Facilitators, Editors, Sales & Marketing, Graphic Artists, and Illustrators. If you have an idea you'd like to explore, let's discuss how we can work together.
How could I illustrate for WeWrite books?
We have our core artist team but because we can have a number of projects going at the same time, are always open to illustrators. Just submit your contact information and samples of your work and we keep you in our pool. We will often invite illustrators to join a book-writing workshop and stay in the background, "just for fun" to try out the process of illustrating while children brainstorm. It takes a special talent to capture children's ideas as they evolve.
How does WeWrite choose the children who write the books?
Co-authors come in many ways. Children may be selected by lottery from a school, or community group, or from a combination of sources (maybe a few kids are from a local school, a few from previous book projects, radio announcements, or anywhere kids hang out.) We always keep a list of those interested in being a WeWrite Kid! Be sure to let us know your contact information. Email, fax or write us.
How does WeWrite choose the subjects for books?
WeWrite Kids! topics are varied and depend upon the funding sources. Sponsors may have a topic in mind. We look for projects that can be created on a local level, yet with the topic of interest on a national level—so that books can be sold all over the country. The only limitation we have is—WeWrite doesn't accept funds from tobacco or alcohol entities and will not publish materials promoting them.
How can I start a business like this in my area?
WeWrite LLC would love to spread the WeWrite idea into your area, enhanced with your own interests and passion for having a business you'd love to create. We are happy to help and can work out an exciting arrangement.