About Us

WeWrite develops the creation of stories by groups of children of various ages in a workshop, led by a professional facilitator and aided by an illustrator. The children are empowered to create, act, think, and dream. First, the children are introduced to the theme of the story through a tour or short presentation. Then they are given creative license to author their story, while an illustrator sketches their ideas. The end result is a published, educational book that is enjoyable for all ages. These books can be used to empower meaningful conversations between adults and children on the hot topics of today's issues creating a language and process for dealing with these issues.

WeWrite, founded in 1993, is the publishing and marketing brainchild of Delores Palmer. The idea began in a public library near Springfield, Illinois, with an effort to encourage family and community participation in children's reading.

You can read WeWrite’s Mission Statement or our Company Bios to learn more.