Catalog of Our Books

WeWrite Kids! Books have been created within boardrooms, classrooms, a manufacturing plant, and even a bookstore. Children's or teens' creative energies and honesty are ignited to their fullest potential. "From the mouths of babes" comes a fresh look at your products or services.

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#22 The Trick
By Miss Lox's 1994-95 Third-grade Class, Tri-City Elem. School, Buffalo, Illinois., Illustrated by Ray Hughes.
Caveman Ooga-Zooga fell into a pit and landed next to a shark who spit gold coins. "Ooga-booga," he yelled when he thought he was going to be rich.

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#21 Vampire Coffin
By Mrs. Spicher's 1994-95 Third-grade Class. Tri-City Elem. School, Buffalo, Illinois., Illustrated by Troy Freeman.
Kids and books are flying in and out of a tornado in the classroom created by a vampire horse in this strange sci-fi fantasy.

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#20 Fantasy Fun
By Mrs. Gould's 1994-95 Third-grade Class. Rochester, Illinois Elementary School., Illustrated by Jason A. Gould.
Bungee-jumping in the mall is every kid's dream in Fantasy Fun.

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#19 The Magical Pendant
By Virden, Illinois 1994-95 Fourth-Sixth-grade Gifted Program Students., Illustrated By Christy Freeman.
An Egyptian necklace is the center of this kid-oriented adventure.

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#18 Coal Mine Scream
By Virden, Illinois 1994-95 Second & Third-grade Gifted Program Students., Illustrated by Troy Freeman.
An abandoned coal mine creates quite an adventure when a girl falls in. Moms and Dads help, but it's the coal mine workers who create a surprise ending.