Catalog of Our Books

WeWrite Kids! Books have been created within boardrooms, classrooms, a manufacturing plant, and even a bookstore. Children's or teens' creative energies and honesty are ignited to their fullest potential. "From the mouths of babes" comes a fresh look at your products or services.

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#17 The Crazy Kids
By Mrs. Risinger's 1994-95 Third-grade Class, Woodrow Wilson Primary School, Peoria, Illinois., Illustrated by EJ Miley, Jr.
When the Crazy Kids wanted to go to Fun World, crazy things started happening to the teacher. Mighty Marsupial helped--but was it a dream?

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#16 The Mystery Sound
By MaeJean Miedema., Illustrated by T.D. DeRolf.
In this adorable preschool mystery, mother keeps hearing a strange e-e-e-e-e. Was it a bird? No. Was it a mouse? No. What was it?

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#15 Mystery Flag
By Glenwood High School Library Club, Chatham, Illinois., Illustrated by Christy Freeman.
No one ever dared to ask about the face on the squirrel king's flag, until one day, Rosie Raccoon asked. The story of Labamba, the Lequibbit finally emerges.

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#14 The Joke Ghost
By Mrs. Kern's 1994-95 Third-grade Class, Pawnee, Illinois Elementary School., Illustrated by Gina Hutchings.
Mrs. Kern's classroom had a ghost that made books fly and the floor move. But did parents believe the kids when they ran home to tell?

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#13 Our Cool Field Trip
By Mrs. Salisbury's 1994-95 Third-grade Class, Pawnee, Illinois Elementary School., Illustrated By Gina Hutchings.
A class field trip turned weird and ended up in Waldenbooks/Waldenkids. When kids shrank to ant-size, they plugged the fountain, and a watery chaos began.