Catalog of Our Books

WeWrite Kids! Books have been created within boardrooms, classrooms, a manufacturing plant, and even a bookstore. Children's or teens' creative energies and honesty are ignited to their fullest potential. "From the mouths of babes" comes a fresh look at your products or services.

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#12 Fun and Crazy World
By Grace United Methodist Youths, Springfield, Illinois., Illustrated by Qaadir Rasheed.
After the Devil put a block of ice on Fun and Crazy World, all the kids joined hands, formed a prayer group, and prayed. Then a beggar named Chucky came.

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#11 Hula Dancer's Crazy Day
By Wee Writers, Springfield, Illinois., Illustrated by Mason Oller.
Strange animals and events swim through this tale.

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#10 Dinosaurs Grow Again
By Union Baptist Day Care Preschoolers, Springfield, Illinois., Illustrated By David Shaw.
Dinosaurs live in a library, eat underwear and bones, and stomp their feet to turn into little dinosaurs, like bugs. Then the snakes take them underground in this adorable preschooler-created adventure.

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#9 The Weird Football Game
By Kincaid, Illinois 1994 Summer School Students., Illustrated by Christy Freeman.
A weird football game.

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#8 Stone Age Soccer
By Plato Center Illinois Grade School, Third-grade Class., Illustrated by Jacob Palmatier.
Did you know that cavemen played soccer with rocks? They first allowed girls to play only after everyone was all covered in mud.