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Trash Twisters is now available for purchase!

In softcover (retails for $14.95, for wholesale pricing, see our order form)

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Dan Haifley wrote about the book in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Teacher Jody Lust receives framed copy of the book cover.

Games Inspired by Trash Twisters

These games were imagined by the WeWrite Ambassadors. They were inspired by Trash Twisters for your enjoyment. You can download each in PDF form below:

What They Say

“Thanks so much for all that you do! It makes a difference for so many people.”

“My 10 years old loves the book. Just before a sentence he’ll have a response to something, say it and then the next sentence says the same. He feels met. It’'s very affirming and fun!”

Trash Twisters is a classic page-turner based on the real-life problem of ocean pollution.”

Trash Twisters is a really good book, in my opinion. It has a lot of detail and was great. I think it's great for elementary students.”

“I wrote a book report on Trash Twisters for my 5th grade class. I liked lots of parts: how they saved the mermaid; how they met Shark Boy and when he put out the oysters; and the when they described the Trash Monster. It was creepy and trash-y. I think other kids would read it. Every chapter says something that makes you want to read more.”

Sample pages available for download.


Trash Twisters - WeWrite Kids

Laura Barnes, O’Neill Sea Odyssey Education Coordinator and the authors

The cover

WeWrite and O’Neill Sea Odyssey are proud to help Ms. Jody Lust’s 5th grade class from Gault Elementary School, Santa Cruz, California publish their first WeWrite Book by Kids for Kids. The 28 5th-graders have participated in the O’Neill Sea Odyssey Program and will create a story built around what they have learned about taking care of the ocean and Earth.

The characters, ideas, and storyline created by the authors will be facilitated by Teacher Jody Lust and recorded by WeWrite as Cartoon Joe (Joe Barcelone) sketches, helping to bring their group-authored story to life. Videographer Gail Kinstler of Business Video Creations will capture expressions and the action.

The result is be a group-authored book in full color, ready for bookstores by Fall 2014. An e-book version, published on iTunes will include photos and videos of peeks behind the scenes, Cartoon Joe creating his magic, along with additional interviews with the authors.

The Process

The authors have arrived!

(no audio)

Jody Lust, Teacher, Gault School & Taylor McCrady, Teaching Assistant

Getting the creative juices flowing

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Laura Barnes, O’Neill Sea Odyssey Education Coordinator and the authors

Small group discussions

Group ideas put to a vote

Interviewing the authors

Samples of the authors’ work

Cole L., Age 11

I like writing. It’s one of my favorite things to do in school. With this book, I’m glad we're writing it because we’re telling people about how trash is a really big problem, because a lot of people don’t know.

Marco C., Age 10

I like teaching grown-ups something that they don’t know about the ocean. They are causing the problem.

Joshua S., Age 10

My favorite part is that we get to share our stories.

Claire R., Age 10

I like actually getting to be published. It’s fun to know that everyone’s going to read your words.

Isai R., Age 10

I think we can write about saving the ocean so other kids in the future have the same ocean.

Greta G., Age 10

I think doing the drawings. That’s my favorite part.


Samples of the illustrator’s work (Joe Barcelone - Cartoon Joe)

Working in the classroom

Postit Notes indicate character details

Teacher Jody Lust, on how to improve a storyline

Capturing The Story In Progress February 26th

Building Up the Mighty Middle

Expanding Details in Groups - March 19th

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