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Civic Success Stories

War? I'm Scared!

This (event of September 11th) has changed the world for these children, forever. They struggle with this whole issue of where they are going to go, what they are going to do. I think the books are an excellent idea as you can return to a book. I can talk and say it once but a book will say it many times. This is a pretty powerful way to state it.”

— Gene Brodland, L.C.S.W., family therapist.

The best part (of making the story) is the excitement, feelings, and action. I get to think and write out what's on my mind.”

— Tera Edwards, age 10, Co-author of War? I'm Scared!

I like saying the stuff from my point of view. It's a kid's book for schools and stuff. Instead of reading gory stuff they can read this and get facts off this book.”

— Lance Morgan, age 11, Co-author of War? I'm Scared!


I think this story will really help someone. It's helpful on how gangs can ruin your life. It shows you there's a better way than robbing.”

— Zach, age 11, Co-author of PRISON-Not Me!

The inmates may not realize what they have missed at home until they read this book and ... it adds feelings.”

— Warden Anthony Scillia, Taylorville (Illinois) Correctional Center,

After the kids told what Daddy missed when he was in prison, the co-authors came up with 10 Rules to Go Straight -- good advice for anyone. It was created by fifth-graders in Memorial School, Taylorville. None of the co-authors had an inmate as a relative. It was all acted out as 'What if...?'

(Publisher's note: PRISON-Not Me! is a tear-jerker of a story.)