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Educational Success Stories

Mr. Lincoln and the Time Train

(There are...) several of the WeWrite books in the school library and I enjoyed reading them. I especially enjoyed Lincoln and the Time Train. Turns out the bit about Lincoln receiving a patent came in handy; that weekend I was at a trivia night, and our table was the only one to get it correct (everyone else went with Jefferson). Thank you, WeWrite!”

— Andrew Axup, Parent of Rock Island, Illinois Elementary Children

Teens Talk

I was so proud to debut the booklet at the Illinois State Fair in my Futures for Kids tent. I think that parents and young people alike will find this to be very helpful in starting the discussion on teen drug use.”

— Lura Lynn Ryan, First Lady of Illinois (Teens Talk)

Whine Out

I am delighted to be connected with this project. My mother (for whom the Barbara Krolick Memorial Fund was created), would have been proud to know that children worked together to create such an inspiring story.”

— Jamie Kyle Gillian, Senior Editor, Creative Classroom (New York).

(Publisher's note: Third-grade teacher Anita Kern won a grant funded by the Barbara Krolick Memorial Fund. Those funds provided seed money for her third-grade class to publish WHINE OUT, a whiny kid we all recognize in our own homes.)

Let's All Have Fun!

What impressed me as I watched the WeWrite Workshops was the enthusiasm of the students...It is truly a student-driven process. I also like the give-and-take and the decision-making process used. The students had to work cooperatively to create their story.”

— Tom Bertrand, Principal, Rochester, Illinois Elementary School.