We’re All Moving!

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The Project


“Can you imagine moving from Jupiter to Earth?

Imagine the changes you might find:

How about the trip to your new home?

Meet the pencil family and read all about their great moving adventure.”

About the book

A group of kids got together to create a story about moving. The story hits on those elements that are universal to anyone attempting a move.

The book includes tips from professionals for parents on moving and even how to include their kids in the process.


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We’re All Moving!
by WeWrite Kids is:

Give books away to families, doctorsʼ offices, schools, libraries.
    Tip: Put your contact information inside to create a long-term presence.

Books stay in the community; people donʼt throw away books.

Distinguish yourself from others by showing you care!

Adults see you care about their community, their children, and literacy. Includes moving tips and more.image
When I saw the WeWrite book idea, I thought, ‘what a creative and unique way to give back to my community and show that I care about the whole family.’ It’s something fun and meaningful.

—Laura Lasnik, Realtor, Keller Williams Realty, California

Kids see a fun-to-read book and identify with the alien kids and their feelings about moving.image
I really like WeWrite books. The made-up characters are cool. They are fun stories.

—Joshua K, Future Adult, age 9, Tennesse

What They Say…

Moving Association Directorimage
This book is a natural marketing tool for customers to help the little kids who are moving become more comfortable with the dramatic changes in their lives that moving always brings.

—Patricia McLaughlin, Executive Director, IMAWA, Springfield, IL

Our team is excited. We will be giving it to our clients so they have a tool to use when speaking with their family about moving.

—Kathie Gomes, Realtor®, CRS, SRES, Keller Williams Realty - Santa Cruz, CA

Insurance Professionalimage
I marveled at the WeWrite concept of tapping into the creative wisdom of children… (who) can present complicated issues and ease family discussions by their simple, yet profound questions.

—Eleanor Mohammed, Agency Field Consultant, State Farm Insurance - Monterey, CA

Commercial Realtorimage
The WeWrite book process and books will mentor children for years in positive, creative, and encouraging ways. What a way to help our future leaders shine!

—Link LeGrande, CCIM, Keller Williams Legacy - San Antonio, TX

Company Ownerimage
I just read your new book. It is awesome. I love how the message is delivered to all.

—Reesa Abrams, COO, TechCycle3, Santa Cruz, CA

Electric Vehicle Company Ownerimage
I like the idea of allowing kids to create the story instead of adults because the kids haven’t learned to be limited as to what ‘can’t be done’ yet. It’s the same reason that kids get the Tango. I’ve presented my idea to adults and kids from all over and the kids ‘get it’ right away.

—Rick Woodbury, President, Commuter Cars Corporation

As a part of the release of WeWrite’s book, We’re All Moving!, we are providing some additional resources related to moving.

The following information is available from the State Farm website.

Easy to use moving checklist
Good overview of types of insurance for homeowners, condos, and renters
Most common claims for homeowners, by state


Ordering Information

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