“Sports and school play well together!”


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Join Eddie in The Sports Kid’s “Read to Lead” Campaign.

Ways you can help:

  • Buy The Sports Kid books and give them to kids.
  • Sponsor Eddie’s campaign.
  • Create a verse to “Study Buddy” rap song.
  • Tutor a kid.
  • The Sports Kid was created in 1997 as a mural for the Springfield (Illinois) Area Arts Council project, “Painting the Community with the Arts.” This innovative graffiti-prevention program was designed to encourage the arts in all facets of community life.

    The book was written by Christopher Landers, Ryan Landers, Jané Moore, Tabreya Spivey, Willie Swope, & Jarvis Williams and illustrated by Norman E. Calmese

    Download some sample pages from the book.

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    “Study Buddy” Rap

    Rap Song by Marcus R. Hicks © 2013

    (Verse 1)

    Now this is the story about a boy named Eddie
    He loved to play sports all day, never study
    His game was tight, on his feet he was light
    And everybody said that he looked like Mike
    But the problem you see, wasn’t abil-i-ty
    Our dear friend Eddie couldn’t count to 23
    Not only was it sad, but really, really, bad
    Cause Eddie the Sports Kid was a bright, bright lad!

    (Beat: Clap your hands or stomp your feet like this: 1-2, 1-2, 1-2)
    (When you sing/rap the song, read faster than the beat but not too fast or you’ll get tongue tied!)

    Marcus R. Hicks, Musician and Songwriter

    I have always had a passion for writing and playing music ever since I was able to pick up a bass guitar. One day my step-father asked me if I could create my own version of his favorite ZZ Top song, “A Sharp Dressed Man.” After this I saw that I could use my creativity to write remixes of songs for my church and I brought this knowledge to WeWrite because I knew children would love to have a fun song to sing and have fun with. My hope is to create more songs and have children enjoy them while reading and expanding their own creativity.