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Aging Affects Us All
Creative Conversations on Change

Change, which affects all of us throughout our lives, can seem scary whether you are a kid, a family, or a senior. Many aging issues can be difficult to talk about. When we avoid such discussions, aging still occurs but we do not have a plan on how to handle the issues. So how do we get the conversations started?

WeWrite has been helping start all kinds of conversations on a wide range of topics. Our books, written “by kids for kids,” take a fresh look at uncomfortable subjects through the insight of children. Our unique workshop approach allows the authors to address important topics in a non-intimidating, imaginative way. When people read and share WeWrite books and materials, doors are opened for better communication.

Be a conversation starter on issues that matter to you and your community. Get involved. We will show you how. Feel free to contact us directly.

Martin Beckner, Director of American Academy of Certified Estate Planners is leading the promotion of the first book by kids about aging and planning.

“We are definitely in support of this project. One of the most difficult parts of estate planning is getting folks to talk about it. Children can often start the family discussion and teach adults basic concepts. In turn, grown-ups will listen to their fresh wisdom. This book has far-reaching implications for all ages.”

— Martin Beckner, Director, AACEP,

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The WeWrite Process

WeWrite, LLC produces group-authored books created by kids for kids. These books deliver entertaining reading which is educational for both children and adults. Each book can be part of a series, with collateral projects such as songs, games, and web-based materials built around an initial project.

WeWrite conducts a workshop of 10-12 children gathered to brainstorm a storyline based on a brief introduction of a chosen topic. We capture their ideas, our illustrator develops sketches to go with the story, and our photographer/videographer captures expressions and actions.

Subject matter experts supply contributions to be included as factual sidebars supporting a topic. We then take the edited story, add the professional illustrations and photos, resulting in a published book about that topic from the childrenrsquo;s perspective. WeWrite staffs the project with professionals including a project manager, workshop facilitator, editor, illustrator, photographer/videographer, and graphic designer.

WeWrite makes these books available for distribution within organizations, and to bookstores, libraries and other channels.

WeWrite manages the project, creating lasting promotional and educational tools.

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What Kids Say:

Catalina Marquez, age 10

“I love to read and this is sooo cool! I’m happy to be part of the WeWrite Workshops.”

Angela Hesse, age 11

“It’s awesome to be a part of WeWrite. It is fun to be creative.”

What Seniors Say:

Sheila Elam, age 84

“I’m thrilled to share my experiences as I move through my twilight years. I firmly believe this focus upon seniors and children is a wonderful way to understand all our journeys.”

Rae Vogel, age 87

“There can be such a strong bond between grandchildren and grandparents. These books will encourage the wonderful, sharing bonding that is so rewarding.”

What Community and Business Leaders Say:

Richard Wexler, President/CEO, Points of Life, LLC.

“The process of aging can be very complex. Although many people do not like discussing it, we all need to have conversations about aging. Those initiated by children may be the easiest and most effective.”

Xander Abrams, Ph.D, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, WellSpring Associates.

“Families who talk about what is happening in their lives have less stress when life-changing events occur. WeWrite promotes these conversations.”

Reesa Abrams, Techno-Coach.

“What is special about the WeWrite process is that it encourages conversations from the viewpoints of all generations.”

Michelle Goldstein, Founder, We Can Do It 4 You.

“Our business is about helping seniors and their families, who can be unprepared to face aging and transition issues. Kids are often willing to initiate conversations on topics that adults are not. We're pleased to partner with WeWrite on such an important mission.”

Mike Aguilera, CEO, Aguilera & Associates.

“The way people communicate fascinates me and I’ve always been interested in language. Kids are natural communicators and get very excited when they’re active in the creative process, using their bodies and minds. WeWrite offers wonderful opportunities for partnership.”

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