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WeWrite is pleased to announce our iBooks:

The Last Temptation of Lincoln and other TwiStories by Wallace Baine for $9.99.

Trash Twisters for $3.99

A Goo Idea! for 99¢

We’re All Moving! for 99¢

Mr. Lincoln and the Time Train for $1.99.

The Sports Kid


The Sports Kid was created in 1997 as a mural for the Springfield (Illinois) Area Arts Council project, “Painting the Community with the Arts.” This innovative graffiti-prevention program was designed to encourage the arts in all facets of community life.

The book was written by Christopher Landers, Ryan Landers, Jané Moore, Tabreya Spivey, Willie Swope, & Jarvis Williams and illustrated by Norman E. Calmese

We're All Moving!


By WeWrite Kids, Illustrated by Troy Freeman.

Can you imagine moving from Jupiter to Earth? Imagine the changes you might find: the people…the atmosphere…the food…your new school. How about the trip to your new home? Meet the Pencil Family and read all about their great moving adventure.

This fun-to-read book on moving through life is written by kids for kids and printed in full color (48 pages, 5.5" x 8.5", soft cover).

Interviews from original authors of We’re Moving!

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You can download from the Moving Resources page:

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WeWrite showcased this book at the Keller Williams Family Reunion.

WeWrite got blogged!

Book Writing Demonstration Workshop

at Boomer Senior Show

—Santa Clara Convention Center,, Photos by Seema Gururaj

Seniors and children demonstrate how the WeWrite process works, while Cartoon Joe Barcelone sketches. Musician David Lloyd listens for a song to emerge from the story.

A detailed visual walkthrough of the demonstration at a Baby Boomer/Senior Expo …

at the AIM Mail and Print Center

—Los Gatos, California

A group of WeWrite Kids demonstrate to visitors how the WeWrite process creates a book.

Detailed descriptions from this demonstration workshop …

All Dried Out


Illustration by Troy Freeman

By WeWrite Kids, Illustrated by Troy Freeman.

This fun-to-read book By Kids for Kids tackles water management issues. Included are tips from professionals, peeks behind the scenes and little-known facts that will spark young imaginations.

You can download the book order form or cover art